I believe that everyone has an innate connection to maps. Maps provide more than just a way to locate destination or route, they may also provide memories or stories of where one has been or might have always dreamt of going. Within my paintings, I intend to instill a sense of place within a visual and aesthetic narrative of the upper Midwest. My paintings are, foremost, about painting. My paintings are also about the application thereof, the exploration of color and form, and the depiction of a discernable and abstract documentation of life. In the process of creating this work I reference aerial and/or satellite photos for the natural abstractions they provide and for the interplay of linear and geometrical properties that are contained within. I work in Encaustic because it allows me to build the surface into a topographical and sculptural effect that enhances the varied and dispersed points of view. Encaustic uses a medium of Beeswax and Dammar Resin which is mixed with color on a heated palette, applied to a surface with brushes or knives, and reheated with a secondary heat source (such as a heat gun) to fuse the layers of the painting to create an enamel like deep satin finish.